Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WeCWI Enterprise: Be a Report Writer

  Image credit to Jobberman

Course Details:
  • 14 sessions
  • 2 hours per session
  • Blended learning mode
  • Task-based assessments

Course Structure:

Session 1
  • Course orientation
  • Types, qualities & main parts of a report
  • Tasks:
    • Discuss the types of report, qualities of a good report, and components of a formal report.
    • Search on the internet for samples of formal reports, for examples: 1, 2 and 3.

Session 2

Session 3 (blended learning mode)
  • Research topics for their proposal
  • Appropriate and relevant online sources/articles/materials related to their topics
  • Appropriate tenses for different components in a report
  • Tasks:
    • Propose problem-based research topics for the proposal.
    • Select at least 5 online articles/materials to be used as supporting evidence and to be used as previous studies in the proposal.
    • Read online articles: 1 and 2.